Three Things That Will Boost Your Social Media Presence

Social media is gaining more and more popularity every day. There are thousands of new platforms and applications out there where you can share photos, videos, opinion on different topics etc. However, the challenge is to know how to use these effectively.

Many people still underestimate the power of social media and if I have to be honest, a few years ago I was one of them. I thought it was a waste of time and money and couldn’t understand how anyone, especially small businesses, could invest in it. However, last year I happened to start an internship in a small tourism company as a Social Media Executive (which I was quite sceptical about), and I have to admit I loved it from day one. After that I continued my career development in the social media field working as a freelancer for different clients. And three months earlier I was hired for the role of Social Media Account Executive. For this period I learnt so many things about social media, I could hardly list them all. That’s why I decided to pick three of them, which are quite key and if used in the right way, they can perform miracles.

engagementEngagement: Social media is about engagement with your key publics, no matter whether you use it for personal or business purposes. If you start interacting with relevant people (influencers and even potential clients and partners) through conversations on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, your Social Media presence is likely to blossom and your business to increase its revenue (remember how Obama won the elections in 2008).

Obama social media campaign

Blogs:  Blogging is a must if you want a successful business. However, almost everyone has a blog nowadays. But many people make the mistake to believe it’s all about the content. Content is king they say but for me if you don’t know how to promote it, it’s rather a pawn- it’s there, but no one notices it. Why? Because it doesn’t stand out. And it doesn’t stand out because blogging is not about throwing a piece of content in the air and praying for someone to read it. It is about engagement (yes, the magical word ‘engagement’ again). If you want to increase your blog’s visitors and make them engage, well engage first. Go and find other similar blogs and topics, people are writing about and give your opinion (and don’t forget to link to your blog as well). You’ll see how in a few weeks your readers’ number will double. Give in order to receive, isn’t it so?

Visual content: Yes, package sells and in social media, visual materials are the package you sell content in. This includes infographics, charts, graphs, pictures and so on. But again, there is plenty of visual content out there, how do you make yours stand out? The only answer I can give you is: be creative. Think about what describes you best and how to present it to your audience in an interesting and innovative way. For example, one of my ex-colleagues was using Lego to represent how a typical day at the office looks like. Quite creative, don’t you think?

miniature-Lego-office-Yard-Digital-1Social media is like a newly discovered continent- full of resources but still unexamined. So in order to conquer it and make it work for you, be innovative, be brave and follow the cycle: produce (visual) content, promote it, engage.

Lidiya Kirilova

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