How To Make Profit From Your Blog

This is something that has been of interest to me for quite a long time now. Since I can call myself a blogger who’s absolutely loving every aspect of it, I was thinking it would be great if I could get money out of blogging. “Find something you love and you will never work a day in your life.

So, what would be the first thing to start with when your blog is set up and ready to go live? What I did was to make sure I have good content first- something properly researched that is worth reading. After having my first posts live, I thought it would be good to work out some strategies for growing my network and the number of my readers. The thing is you have to get yourself noticed. The logical first step woulimagesd be to start following other bloggers who are blogging on the same topics as you are. What I did was to set aside some key words such as social media, content marketing, crisis communication, technology and so on and look for bloggers who are discussing these topics. I followed them and some of them followed back. This was a good start but of course you cannot rely on this strategy alone, if you want to make profit from your blog. The second step I’d recommend, would be to start commenting on other relevant posts. Yes, I know it’s very difficult to make people comment on your blog but once you achieve this, it will pay back. I have to admit I read a lot of blog posts and articles but I’m extremely lazy in terms of commenting. However, when I see a post with a number of comments below, something inside me makes me want to leave a comment too. There you go. That’s how it works.

Getting yourself noticed, however, is still not enough to generate enough traffic to your blog and grow your network. So you need to get even more noticed. How do I do that, you’d ask. Well, guest blogging would be a brilliant start. For example, I am a really big fan of a blog which is discussing spiritual science & technology. This blog is extremely popular and has tens of thousands of readers. As it happens they are on the search for guest bloggers who’d love to contribute to their site; and as it happens, my other blog- Something For Everyone And a Pinch of Salt– is discussing similar topics. If I get myself published on this blog, this would be a great step forward for me. So my advice is: always aim for the best!


Content comes as another essential brick in building your blog community. There are so many blogs out there. For instance, when I searched for materials for this post, namely “how to make profit from your blog”, there were so many blogs and online publications giving hints on that, I could hardly decide which ones to open. Therefore, you should add value to your content; you have to find a way to be unique and provide your readers with content they cannot find anywhere else. No one would read your blog just for the sake of reading it. You have to have an engaging content and you have to know how to promote it. And don’t forget the importance of key words. Find out which key words related to your blog topic are the most searched for and use them to attract audience.

How-to-make-Money-Blogging_thumb2Being yourself will help you on your way to success. If you want a successful blog, brand yourself. For my blog, I decided to create a logo which is unique and recognisable and once I get followers and frequent readers, I’ll be sure they differentiate me from the other blogs out there. Share personal experience and success stories. People are not likely to read something that contains just dry information without a pinch of personal analysis. Once you build the basis, the rest will just follow. When you have a good number of subscribers and unique readers (and don’t forget to link your blog to social media sites too!) you can decide how to make profit out of you site. You can do it through advertisisng or why not developing your own range of products or services you can sell. There are plenty of ways you can do it.

Using platforms such as WordPress and Google Blogger make things difficult as they limit the way you can advertise and the types of ads you could allow on you site. The best option would be to create your own site but you need to have a good understanding of web design or know someone who does. For now I’m planning to stick to WordPress as I am still not an experienced blogger. But once I learn enough, I’m planning to create my own site which will represent my own vision in terms of design, layout, branding, advertising, product/service offering etc. Until then, I’m planning to continue researching and experimenting on blogging techniques and ways of attracting an audience and improving my readership, because I know success only comes after hard work.

Lidiya Kirilova

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