Top 5 Marketing Technology Trends That Will Rule Over In 2015

As 2015 is approaching, most marketeers are starting to make predictions on marketing & strategic technology trends that will be on top of the wave in the new year. While searching the web to see what they are suggesting, I found some really interesting predictions of possible would-be rulers of the marketing technology world in 2015. Here are my favourite top five marketing technology trends:


1) Marketing will shift from globalisation to personalisation– This prediction was made by Forbes, suggesting that the world is more connected than ever through technology and yet marketing is becoming more and more rationalised and personalised. Marketers are doing their best to be individuals and innovators in order to satisfy their customers’ needs. Here is a thought I really like- Personalisation is not a trend, it is a marketing tsunami which will transform the way we manage global brands.

2) More companies will embrace marketing automation– Marketing automation has become a leading trend in marketing technology in the recent years, growing in popularity. And 2015 will not be an exception. A study by SiriusDecisions predicts that marketing automation technology will increase by 50 per cent in 2015.


3) Social media will play a very active role in lead generationSocialMediaToday states social media is no longer the new kid in the block and I have to admit this cannot be said in a better way. Most companies nowadays recognise the huge amount of benefits it offers and those who are smart enough are already making a good use of them. In 2015, social media platforms will continue to mature which will improve real-time technology marketing and direct customer interaction.

4) Tech will find itself in the world of public relations– This is a prediction which I believe is quite about time to happen. The PR industry should start taking advantage of technology as other industries already have. Innovation is in the core of public relations and what else is technology if not innovation? After all, PR is no longer just picking up the phone and trying to get your story published.


5) Content marketing will be bigger than ever– This prediction isn’t a surprise at all, taking into consideration the fact that according to B2B Marketing Benchmarks report, 93 per cent of B2B marketers said they were using content marketing in 2014 and 42 per cent of them said their strategy was effective. As the borders between content marketing, social media and SEO will get more and more blurred in 2015, they will continue to co-exist as separate but intertwined disciplines that rely on each other for success.

So the marketing crystal ball has spoken. Please state your favourite marketing technology predictions it made in the comments section below and let’s see if they come true in the new year.

Lidiya Kirilova

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