Apple Watch- A Revolution In Technology Or An Epic Disappointment

On Monday (9th March), Apple announced the release of Apple Watch- its latest mhealth wearable technology gadget. It also introduced game changing research apps and platforms for physicians and medical researchers. But the pearl in the crown was their ResearchKit- a platform designed to collect medical data, which would mostly be used by medical researchers on patients.

apple-watch-6_1I read mixed reviews already, regarding the iWatch as it was expected to be something extraordinary. As it happens quite often though, the expectations exceeded the end product which brought disappointment to many of Apple’s loyal customers. Don’t take me wrong, Apple is a major player on the technology market- probably the most successful and innovative out there. However, the mhealth market is slightly different. Nowadays, when everyone is trying to come up with a revolutionary solution for health management, vital signs monitoring etc. starting from technology giants such as Google and Samsung, it is really difficult to be way ahead the others. Almost every major player in the technology sector is focused on revolutionising the mhealth industry with an extraordinary achievement so this makes it very difficult for a particular company to shine. Apple has always been miles away before everyone else when it comes to technology and innovation but not on the mobile health market. There, they all have an equal start.

researchkitApple Watch is just another technology gadget (a really good one, of course) that does not surprise with any special features. The ResearchKit on the other hand, is another story. This is what can lift Apple off back to the space way ahead the others. Now this really is a revolutionary achievement that has the potential to grow into something very big. The platform is designed to let medical researchers create iPhone apps for their studies that will help them recruit participants. Everyone who has done research or study knows that recruiting participants is one of the most difficult parts, especially for medical studies. In this sense, the ResearchKit sounds very promising.

Why-I-Love-Apple-IncIn conclusion, I can say that revolutionising the medical sector with any type of technology is very complicated and the ones who have achieved it are but a few. Only time will show if Apple will become one of them.

Lidiya Kirilova

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