The Importance Of Content Marketing For Promoting Your Business

Content marketing- this term is all over the web these days. When it comes to promoting your business’ products and services online, the WAY to achieve results is throug an effective content marketing, social media and SEO strategies. These are actually the three crucial steps for a successful promotion of your business: 1) creating compelling and engaging content that attracts your audience, 2) sharing this content on your social profiles, which is where your audience can find it and 3) making sure you rank high on Google search results so that prospects interested in the type of content you’re sharing, can find you and add to your clients list.

Image source: Geary LSF

Image source: Geary LSF

The first question that arises though, especially in beginners’ heads is ‘How do I create content that counts?’ And my immediate answer would be ‘REASERCH’. Research is the stepping stone for everything. It is the foundation without which one cannot achieve anything. Through solid research you’ll be able to identify your goals, your target audience, the types of content you can use to achieve the desired results, how to manage your content strategy effectively etc. In order to build a successful content marketing strategy, it is essential that you set up clearly-defined goals, what you want to achieve. This way you’ll be able to decide the type of content you are going to use, the channels you are going to share it from etc.

The Content Marketing Institute defines the term ‘content marketing’ as:

“A marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

Again ‘clearly defined audience’ is the first thing you need to have in hand before starting your content marketing strategy. For example, let’s say you’re a marketing technology provider. Your business is B2B, then who your potential customers would be? Businesses that need this technology of course. Probably they don’t know they need it yet, so your job is to tell them. Very important key words in the definition of ‘content marketing’ are also ‘valuable’, ‘relevant’ and ‘consistent’. Sharing information your target audience already knows wouldn’t do you any good. Your aim is to stand out of the crowd and to achieve that, you need to add value to your content. The types of content your audience would be most interested in reading, is another crucial thing you need to find out as part of your research, before starting to build your content marketing strategy. HubSpot has produced a nice list of the most popular types of content, marketers use to attract prospects and turn them into long-time customers:


According to recent research conducted by Regalix, 98% of marketers say content marketing is core to their marketing strategy. For me, this means content marketing should be an integral element in every successful business plan. A good example for an effective content marketing provider is B2B Marketing. They constantly post stats, industry news and survey results on their website which generate a lot of traffic and directs many potential customers their way. Their content is relevant, valuable and being shared on a regular basis.

Image source: STRYDE

Image source: STRYDE

Now that you know the importance of content marketing, it would be unforgivable to ignore it as a tool, very effective tool actually. It will take some time until you get on tracks and achieve the results you want but with consistency and perseverance, soon you’ll be an established and successful content marketing guru.

Lidiya Kirilova

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